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Water issues underlie everything in the natural world, from quality of life and health to economics, politics and culture. Water is common ground for all disciplines. Recognizing its elemental importance to our world, nation and state, West Virginia University founded the Institute of Water Security and Science to promote stewardship of water resources.

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  • Appalachian Freshwater Initiative

    Creek with water flowing through a wooded area.

    The Appalachian Freshwater Initiative consists of a statewide research team of biologists, ecologists, environmental engineers and scientists, chemists and geologists focused on understanding and detecting the ecological and biological effects of contaminants in water under varying climate change scenarios.

  • West Run Watershed

    Woman pointing from a bridge above a frozen creek.

    West Run Watershed in Morgantown, WV, which spans an urban to forested interface, is the setting for a research and academic watershed study to investigate the impacts of multiple land use/cover changes on hydroclimate, water quality, biogeochemistry, human health and socioeconomics in a contemporary watershed. The experimental watershed study design implemented in the watershed provides a data-rich environment for collaboration with all IWSS-affiliated researchers interested in advancing scientific understanding and management of water resources.

  • WVU Reedsville Farm

    WVU Reedsville Farm

    The Farm provides a regional gathering place for horse pulls, cattle shows, and community events. A partnership was formed with the IWSS and the IHL in order to provide hydrologic, climate, and water quality monitoring during riparian restoration implementation planned in the near future on the farm.

Institute of Water Security and Science sticker that reads "A project supported by WVU to better understand water quality, timing, and quality in the West Run Watershed"

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Jillian Clemente holding two plastic bottles marked "I AM ATTACHED TO AN ANCHOR..." and wired IIR sensors are inside.

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The IWSS provides a point of coordination for the more than 50 WVU faculty members engaged in water related projects.

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Dr. Jason Hubbart testing water at the WVU Reedsville Farm.

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