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IWSS History & Goals

History of IWSS

Recognizing water’s fundamental importance to the world, nation and state, West Virginia University (WVU) created the Institute of Water Security and Science (IWSS) in January 2016 as one of five areas of focus for growth within the University, in particular, stewardship of water resources.

The IWSS is a campus-wide initiative that builds upon the collective resources and expertise that the University has to offer. There are more than 80 faculty and staff currently engaged in research and projects related to water resources stewardship and security on the WVU campus. The Institute provides a point of coordination and synergizes existing research, capacity and expertise to advance understanding of how climate, land management and the development of natural resources affect water resources and security in West Virginia, the United States and around the world.

Our Goals

The IWSS facilitates understanding and protection of water resources through integrated education, outreach and research programs. The Institute draws together faculty, researchers, industry, agencies, educational institutions and additional partners to:

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