WVU Institute of Water Security and Science to develop first comprehensive regulatory guidance for state wetland water quality standards

This wetland was created in Tucker County. Healthy wetlands perform important ecological functions, including feeding downstream waters, trapping floodwaters and recharging groundwater supplies.

To advance the needs of state and federal agencies seeking information about important water quality measures in wetlands and in the headwaters of West Virginia’s rivers, the West Virginia University Institute of Water Security and Science will develop and recommend wetland water quality standards for the state.

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WATER: Exploring the significance, power and play of life’s critical resource

Water Exhibit in WVU Downtown Library

Whether it’s navigating the raging rapids of the Gauley River or splashing in a kiddie pool, people love playing in water. That same substance can quench thirst, nourish crops and generate electricity as it rushes through a dam. If there’s too much, a small stream can spill over its banks and flood a community. Its absence can bring drought and famine.

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