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In the News: WVU Institute of Water Security and Science hold spring conference

Thanks to Sarah Collins, a reporter with WBOY, for covering the February 20-21 Spring Conference.

"West Virginia University's Institute of Water Security and Science will be holding its spring conference this week.

The event focuses on sharing the current progress of a $20 million program that West Virginia received in 2015.

Researchers from throughout the state talked about water management and how to combat pollution.

"We've made incredible advances in this state that had global implications for improving how we manage water resources and detect water quality problems and address them and so this is an opportunity, a rare opportunity, for people who are investigating water, all things about water, to get together and share ideas and advancements and collaborate," Jason Hubbart, WVU.

The spring conference will resume Wednesday at the Erickson Alumni Center in Morgantown."

For more information – including video – from yesterday’s event, visit WBOY.