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Climate Change and Our Changing Menu Seminar to be held

Register now for the seminar, “Climate Change and our Changing Menu,” by Dr. Michael Hoffmann, Executive Director of the Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions.

The seminar will be held April 24 at 3 p.m. in the WVU Media Innovation Center, and will cover the basics of climate change and how the changing climate is affecting our globally interconnected and interdependent food supply including our staple commodities and our favorites like coffee, wine, and chocolate – just about everything on the menu. We face a food security and national security challenge. Addressing this challenge requires innovative research to develop new practices and tools that help the agricultural and the food sectors adapt to the new normal, and mitigate their impact. New outreach approaches, climate smart farming decision tools, and partnerships applicable to the Northeast and elsewhere will be discussed.

The seminar will also be available online via live feed webinar. Find out more and register for the seminar or live feed webinar.