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IWSS Hosts Fall Meeting

The Institute of Water Security and Science (IWSS) held a Fall Meeting with scientists across campus and state and federal agency personnel on Friday, Sept. 23. The meeting, a networking event for water researchers, was held to promote collaborations and build partnerships with other researchers across campus and throughout West Virginia.

Dr. Martina Angela Caretta, an assistant professor of geography at WVU, was one of 10 speakers that presented Speed Talks during the event. Dr. Caretta’s presentation, “A Call for Interdisciplinarity: Socio-Hydrology,” provided information about water from a social science perspective.  

Dr. Martina Caretta

“More interdisciplinary work needs to be done, especially with a participatory focus in order for communities to orient and give input for the research process so that they can own data to use it to advance their cause with policy makers,” she said. 

Caretta was excited about the networking opportunities presented at the Fall Meeting, which was presented in partnership with the Reed College Media Innovation Center, a collaborating partner of the IWSS.

This sentiment was echoed by the meeting’s participants and the other presenters, which included, Tom Basden, Paul Kinder, Dr. Gerard D'Souza, Dr. Kang Mo Ku, Dr. Lowell Duckert, Dr. Edward Brzostek, Dr. Charlene Kelly, Dr. Richard Thomas and Dr. Louis McDonald. The meeting’s participants were also excited to network with the various state and federal agencies and private industry partners that were in attendance, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, WV Department of Environmental Protection, WV Division of Forestry, WV Conservation Agency, Downstream Strategies, Canaan Valley Institute, WV Rivers Coalition, WV Botanic Garden and the Friends of Deckers Creek.

 “The Institute of Water Security and Science has been incredibly welcoming and open in their mission to include a diverse set of voices, perspectives and expertise from across the university and region to collaborate on water security research,” said Dana Coester, Creative Director for Reed College of Media Innovation Center. “While everyone says they want to do interdisciplinary work, few manage to truly embrace that. The open-door approach at the heart of the IWSS and the Media Innovation Center is necessary for true innovation.”