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Appalachian Freshwater Initiative

The Appalachian Freshwater Initiative (AFI) consists of a statewide research team of biologists, ecologists, environmental engineers and scientists, chemists, and geologists focused on understanding and detecting the ecological and biological effects of contaminants in water under varying climate change scenarios. For this initiative, AFI researchers are using a watershed research framework to address clean water challenges affecting West Virginia.

Core Research

  1. Development of chemical, physical, and biological water quality sensor technologies;
  2. Developing a fundamental understanding of the complex interactive chemical, physical, and biological impacts of environmental perturbations and anthropogenic substances from the molecular to the watershed scale; and
  3. Developing innovative models capable of predicting the toxicological impacts of complex chemical processes on biological communities in Appalachian watersheds and potential water quality issues resulting from climate-change-related water quantity shifts.

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The Appalachian Freshwater Initiative is supported by the National Science Foundation under Award Number OIA-1458952.