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WVU Reymann Memorial Farm

Reymann Memorial Farm Site 5.5

The Reymann Memorial Farm, located in Wardensville, WV, was gifted to West Virginia University in 1917 by the Reymann family of Wheeling, WV. The farm includes approximately 990 acres separated into two sections by a narrow strip of privately-owned land. Approximately one-third of the land is forest and its western border adjoins the Cacapon River. Historically, the primary focus of research on the farm was beef cattle production. There is however a recent shift to livestock feed efficiency and environmental quality. The latter targets challenges pertaining to leading agricultural challenges including (but not limited to) environmental water quality.

The program design application at Reymann Memorial Farm utilizes an experimental watershed approach (see Hubbart et al., 2019) and automated monitoring of climate, streamflow, shallow groundwater regimes (e.g., baseflows, high flows, peak flows, flow variability), and bio-geochemicals, which will be used for future analyses of water quality (i.e., nutrients and chemical concentrations) and suspended sediment and potentially pathogens (fecal coliform). Results will be integrated with specific vegetated treatments and agricultural (including ruminant) management practices, thus characterizing, and validating, the influence of land-use-driven contaminant loading on water quality impairment. This infrastructure also provides critical data for modeling of hydrology and pollutant transport processes.

The Farm is located within the upper Chesapeake Bay Watershed and thus a constituent of the Chesapeake Bay Program, which is a unique regional partnership that has led and directed the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay since 1983. The Chesapeake Bay Program partners include the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, West Virginia and Virginia; the District of Columbia; the Chesapeake Bay Commission, a tri-state legislative body; the Environmental Protection Agency, representing the federal government; and participating citizen advisory groups. The Reymann Memorial Farm is, due to geographic location in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, an affiliate to the Chesapeake Bay Program and is thus a contributor to scientific and management advances that benefit the Watershed at large.

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