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Book Chapters
  • Vesper D.J., Bravo-Ruiz, H., Laskoskie, A.F., and Edenborn, H.M. (in press) Development and testing of hydrogel beads as floating tracers of contaminant movement in karst aquifers. Karst Groundwater Contamination & Public Health: Beyond Case Studies. White, W.B., Herman, J.S., Herman, E.K., Rutigliano, M. (Eds.). Springer International Publishing AG, Cham Switzerland.
  • Padilla, I.Y. and Vesper, D.J. (In Press) Fate, Transport, and Exposure of Emerging and Legacy Contaminants in Karst System: State of Knowledge and Uncertainty. Karst Groundwater Contamination & Public Health: Beyond Case Studies. White, W.B., Herman, J.S., Herman, E.K., Rutigliano, M. (Eds.). Springer International Publishing AG, Cham Switzerland
Government Reports
  • Vesper, D.J., Feller, D.J., Van Aken, B., and Smaldone, D. 2016. Assessing the vulnerability of sensitive karst habits containing RTE species in CHOH. Final Report submitted to the National Park Service. 137 pp.
  • Vesper, D.J., Waltemyer, K., and McDonald, L.M. 2015. Selenium Diel Cycling and Sorption Kinetics. OSMRE-WVU ADTI Cooperative Agreement Final Report. Submitted to Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement. 80 pp. 
Other Publications
  • White, W.B., Herman, E.K., Rutigliano, M., Herman, J.S., Vesper, D.J., and Engel, S.A. 2016. Karst Groundwater Contamination and Public Health. Karst Waters Institute Special Publication 19.
  • Levêque, J.G., and Burns, R.C. 2016. Residents are important in the “wild and wonderful". Neuron: the West Virginia Journal of Science and Research.
Theses / Dissertations
  • Bravo-Ruiz, H. Hydrogel tracer beads as potential proxies for non-aqueous phase liquids in karst: Development of an optical quantification method for fluorescent beads. 2015. West Virginia University.
  • Cooper, R. Adult neural stem cell differentiation and signaling is disrupted by low-level silver nanoparticle exposure in vitro. 2015. Marshall University.
  • Levêque, J. Spatial, behavioral and SEM approaches to understanding Water Quality Perceptions in Morgantown, WV. 2017. West Virginia University. 
  • McPherson, L. Amphibian metamorphosis in created and natural wetlands. 2015. West Virginia University.
  • Riddell, J. Comparing diel cycles of dissolved inorganic carbon to diel cycles of Fe and Mn at a coal mine drainage site in Harrison Co., WV. 2015. West Virginia University.
  • Waltemyer, K.L. Variations in selenium concentrations by photochemical and temperature-controlled iron cycles. 2015. West Virginia University.
These publications are based upon work partially supported by the National Science Foundation under Award Number OIA-1458952.